Virk I – P07

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This is Virk I, unit 7 of 9. A small, high quality scara wooden robot, driven by Marlin.


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Virk I is a high quality, wooden mini scara robot targeted to robot lovers for hobby or research. It’s has a unique design and clean look. It will look great on your desktop, taking up little space and giving you a lot of fun. It’s a great  tool to learn or teach robotics. You can check full specs here.

Every Virk part has been carefully machined on cnc machines and hand finished, hence the high price. This is not a massive production item, but indeed a “crafted” tecnhological gadget. You will not believe how much work there is on every Virk unit: 77 machined parts and 18 customized pins/rods/parts. 113 components and 194 screws in total.

Even though this is being sold as a prototype, is a fully functional robot and has been thoroughly tested. One year limited warranty and support is included, which means we will provide, if required, replacement parts and give remote support needed to run or troubleshot the robot.

We provide a Python/OpenCV base code that you can use to implement your own computer vision tasks. That implies that if you wish to implement complex tasks you should have good programmings skills, but the robot can be also controlled by just simple gcode commands issued through some generic gcode sender. We will provide needed assitance if required.

Worldwide shipping is included in the price (free). Fedex or UPS will be used. Local taxes and duties are buyer responsibility. Orders will be shipped after February 20th.

This sale includes everything seen in the pictures plus AC adaptor. A webcam is not included (only required if you wish to implement a CV app).

This sale is specifically for Virk I, prototype number 7. Only 9 units of this robot were built, and there’s no plans to build more in the short term, making this a very unique and rare item.

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