Micro Table Saw

I designed and built this around 2010, and since then there’s been a lot of interest on this.

I built this for my own use, mainly to cut metal sheets. It’s made mainly of aluminum, wood, steel and policarbonate. Every part was machined on a Sherline mill and/or a lathe. It works pretty well but I hate the fact this is a very noisy tool (probably due to AC/DC motor / timing belt combination). You can check the blog post here.

A lot of people had asked if I sell this. To be honest, being able to manufacturate and sell small lots has been always an idea on my mind, but concerns about security had discouraged me from doing that.

If you are planning to build a table saw like this, you can check the draft drawings here, just as a reference.┬áPlease note these aren’t building instructions. You can try to build a copy of my table saw, but I highly recommend you to make your own design based on the tools, skills and time you have.