Virk I – Afterwards

By the end of the year the first unit of Virk I was fully finished, while the other eight units were under construction.

Design, build and make Virk alive was a big venture, a path full of challenges, mistakes and achievements. It was a lot harder than it seemed. Now I have a much more clear view on why 3D printing has revolutionized prototyping; nonetheless I don’t regret the path; I love wood and cnc milling.

I came to the conclusion that Virk I design is clean and solid (for what Virk I is intended), but it’s hard to make; tight tolerances everywhere. If you wish to make just a functional a robot arm… I will recommend you to stick to some open hardware 3D printable design. Unless, of course, you are a bit nuts, you love details and really want a wooden robot arm.

So what’s next?

  • Put some units for sale (check HERE). Maybe I will start a Kickstarter campaign to try to sell them and start Virk II, who knows.
  • Publish Virk I drawings. I need to make them clean and understandable, and that will take some time. I will send current messy drafts by request.
  • Vartra:

So what is Vartra? It’s another crazy wood project I’ve been working on since last month. News about that soon on insta.


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