I know, I know, a Mitutoyo Micrometer and Caliper set for US $60, shipping included, can’t be true. Chinese tools aren’t so bad, but these Mitutoyo chinese counterfeits are a joke.IMG_3106IMG_3107IMG_3110The mic doesn’t even look like the real one, and the caliper is the typical chinese cheap caliper (well, a little bit better may be, but not a Mitutoyo). The mic is usable, but I think the caliper needs some tweaking to make it a worth tool. The seller, jingshengyang2088, has a 99% positive feedback. Lesson learned.

3 thoughts on “Counterfeits”

    1. You are right, used tools are the best deal… my best tools are second hand (this tools aren’t for me btw). I’ve check your blog… you had done a lot of awesome works! I will add a link to your blog if you don’t mind. Have a nice day!

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