Nema23 mounts

I’ve got these motor mounts from rattmmotor88 ebay seller for just $15.67 each one, shipping and hex screws included. Shipping was really fast (fedex), just eight days (I use to wait 30 to 50 days for items from china).


Packaging could be better; there are some scratches, but nothing you can’t fix with a file. Internal milling is great. External sanding finishing looks nice, but flatness is somewhat compromised; milling finishing for mounting surfaces would have been great. I don’t understand why they make motor recess 42mm diameter when it should be 38mm; anyway this is not a serious issue. Of course a critical parameter in these mounts is the space they add between motor and mount surface; 40mm in this case.

As this kind of mount allows a lot of play between leadscrew axis and motor axis, you should be careful every time you install X or Y motors, especially if you’ve got heavy motors and/or your couplings are “flexible type”.

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  1. Hi Nema
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just curious, how you order stuff from China?
    Payment mode? Are they reliable? Quality ok?

    Steve W.

    1. I use to buy on ebay and pay by paypal. I buy regardless they provide tracking or not. In my case a lost package is a very, very rare event; even if you package get lost can complain to the seller or open a case to recover your money (in this case, a tracking number can be important). Quality depends; for example, chinese ER collets are not very good, but for the price they are a good deal; chinese carbide endmills, on the other side, are pretty decent. Usually I buy only from sellers having at least 99% positive feedback. The only downside, just for me, is delivery time, as my country is far away from China, but otherwise ebay is great.

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