So here is how my CNC lathe looks right now.


I did the same abominable things to my manual lathe. No tailstock (by now). My soul is damned, but my ways will stay clean.

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  1. Hi buddy

    Never hear from you for a long time! Do update us on your mod. of Sherline machines.

    I like all your creative work.

    Regards, Steve Wan

    1. Thanks!. Well, I’ve been struggling trying to make my business work here. It’s been hard days. But I’m still alive… I guess I will focus more on create some things to sell this year… let’s see how things go.

  2. This is an FYI Post.

    Hi, saw the image in the link below for the micro table saw. I was using Google Chrome FYI.
    Do a copy and paste and then do a search under images in Google.

    Alternatively, you can do a copy and paste and look for your table saw image. Click on it and you will see it doesn’t go to this site. You got someone hijacking your work.

    whne you see your table saw and click on it the image is a hijack to this guy, who seems to do this to lot and lot and lots of people. I have repeatedly complained to Google. He is diverting traffic to his site in order to try to sell things. Some of which I don’t think even exist since I cannot locate the original sites, and so he seems to use whatever images he thinks might peak someone’s interest.

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