Almost Back

First of all, I apologize for not answering comments. There are been nine months since I login to my blog.

I hate to speak about my personal life, but this time I will do an exception. Beginning this year I bought and move to a new apartment (rather old), left my work as software developer and devote to take care of my son (1 1/2 years now). As I like to do all by myself (I’m obsessive and maniac, I know), I start to refurbish the apartment (plumbing, new kitchen furniture, wall repair, painting, details, details, details…), and what supposed to be two or three months turns out to be much more. Also taking care of my son left me almost no time and energy left; indeed working as software developer was joke compared to housewife work. Actually, tough there still a lot of pending work, my working room is finished, so I plan to come back to my projects.

By the way it’s not my purpose to be dependent of my wife forever, so I hope to find some ways to live from what I love to do (a table saw kit and other things come to my mind). I plan to devote between 9:00 to 3:00 AM to my work (rest of the time I will be a housewife and continue apartment refurbishing).

So the next step will be mainly to assemble my mill and lathe, finish my cnc project-machines and clean my computers (I have a mess with my files). Also I will answer pending comments over the next days (sorry for the delay!).

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  1. Hi, I’m like you with a small workshop and use Sherline to full capacity for projects. We have similar interest and sure do like to catchup your latest work. Hope to be your another machining pal.

  2. Welcome back. Been wondering what happened to you. Good to see your post and that everything is alright.

    Sweet little boy you’ve there. I’ve 2 kids of my own. Can be quite a handful at times, but they’re my life.


    1. Thanks! I check your blog today… you’ve done a lot since the last time I visited it!. It will take me some time to review all the new stuff, but it will be pleasant.

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