Going Horizontal

Today I finished a very simple accesory that turns the standard sherline mill into an horizontal mill, within seconds. It’s designed so it doesn’t get in the way of the table, so it can remain installed.

I don’t know why I didn’t figured this before… so nice. Will upload drawings in a week or so.


This isn’t exactly the design I build, as I didn’t had a plate stock of the required size. This version cover all the riser block side.

Update (Jan 2014): By the time I’ve used this accessory I’ve found it has a design flaw; it flex more than expected (It had been very, very useful, tough). So now I think a 3/4″ plate should have been better.

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  1. hi friend,
    i just wondering which model are you using mill to engraving aluminium? my attemts to engrave aluminium, hss bits were burned:)

    1. Hi. I’d never done any engraving, just milling. But as far as I know carbide bits are the way to engraving.

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