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It’s good to remember that Sherline tools are not toys, and that accidents can happen, no matter how well experienced, careful or skilled you are (and I’m none of these) . This happen to me when I was building my table saw. Of course was my fault.

This happened when, after shutting down the motor, I was going to clean the working part and the spindle was still rotating (I get used to do this). The tool, a 3/8″ very sharp carbide mill, caused several cuts in the nail and underneath skin. I must use pointed tweezers to extract plastic particles under the skin, ouch!.

I was lucky; this was a minor injury. Now my nail looks almost the same as before though there are some minor sensitivity issues. After that I adopt some simple rules when working with this tools:

  • Don’t talk with other people (or ignore them, saying “yes…”, “really?”, etc).
  • Don’t think about that beautiful girl (or something else).
  • Don’t put my hands in a radius of 10 cm around the rotating tool.
  • Clean parts only with a brush.

Of course there are standard guidelines when you work with power tools, but by following these basic rules are a start point.

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  1. That would really serve as a reminder for me. I’ve cuts from endmills several times without the mill under power. Didn’t raise the spindle high enough with setting up.

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