Virk I

Virk I, our current project, is a commercial 3 DOF mini scara desktop robot targeted to education and hobbyists. It’s a quality, robust, neat and cute robot, designed, machined and assembled in our workshop. If everything goes well the design will be released as Open Source in the near future (see schedule below).

Their main features are:

  • Three bearing, hollow axis precision rotary joints
  • Linear bearing on Z axis
  • Wooden, slim structure
  • Compact and easy to carry

There are currently 12 prototypes being built. They will be sold as kits, without motors and electronics, at the end of Q2. Price will be, probably between $ 700 – 900 US, shipping included.


Project schedule for 2018 is:

Q2 :

  • Finish and sell the first prototype lot.


  • Create and sell end actuator (gripper).
  • Enhance production infrastructure.
  • Make and sell a new set prototypes (12 or more).
  • Publish joint design as Open Source.


  • Publish body design as Open Source


  • Motors: Nema 17  stepper on rotay joints, Nema 11 stepper on z axis
  • Full extended range: 26cm (base joint to end center)
  • Travel: XX° on base, XX° on elbow,  XXcm on Z
  • Weight: XX kg without electronics.
  • Rotary joint: three bearing, acetal/pvc construction, hollow axis, modular.
  • Z axis slide: 8mm dual linear rail.
  • HTD3m timing  belt on rotary joint.
  • 1mm pitch leadscrew on Z
  • Homing switches
  • Quality wood body.

Hollow Axis Rotary Joint

One of the most interesting part of this robotics is our custom designed, hollow axis modular rotary joint. Being hollow axis means that the wires can go hidden and not be a mess as in other designs. And is modular as you can reuse this joint in your own robotic designs; you only need two flat surfaces and some holes.

This joint has three bearings inside: two trust bearings and one deep groove, thin bearing. It has 3 acetal parts and one PVC mount base. Also there’s a custom made timing pulley attached to the rotating part of the joint.

There’s currently no spare joints to be sold, but if there’s enough interest may be we make some of them to be sold.

Electronics and software

We currently don’t provide the electronics neither software for this robot; this will be a end owner challenge.

Regarding electronics, any standard cnc controller will do the job; Arduino and CNC shield V2. seems to be a good starting point. Proper wiring will  be the most demanding task here.

As for control software our aim is that, at some point, someone from the open source community creates or adapt a suitable software for this kind of arm. As far as we know you can download grbl source, make some small changes, and get a basic but usable software interface (we plan doing that for testing after finishing first units).


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